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Global Brand Strategy

Using the expertise of the Brand Ambassador team, we will create a strategy that suits your needs providing PR and marketing for brands and individuals, creating associations with top fashion, interior, and production designers.

Social Media

We can advise clients with social media needs and create introduction to partners in that sphere. We are also able to create opportunities for brands to be featured in key social media sites.

Partnership/Brand Integration

Brand Ambassador is able to give brands the opportunity to work alongside major luxury brands, business opportunities, and media sponsorships such as Warner Brothers, Harry Winston, Veuve Clicquot, Faber Castell, and the Four Seasons hotel, to name a few.

Creative Direction for Advertising

Brand Ambassador will advise and offer solutions and opportunities to the most effective use of advertising budgets such as advertorials and more effective cross media platform/advertising opportunities (i.e. magazines, social media, websites, etc.)

​Content Creation

Creating content that will captivate your audience and get your message across takes time, effort, and dedication. Our team is here to help you develop a compelling pitch or press release and bring it to the attention of the right media that can share your story to your target audience. We have years of experience in the media and PR field and have molded great relationships with numerous journalists in various industries.  Our team consists of former journalists and writers and are experienced in finding the best ways to pitch a story and to reach editors and reporters. With our help, we can increase your company’s visibility via increased recognition on as many editorial platforms as possible whether in print, online, blogs, social media, television, movies, etc.

​Event Production

The Brand Ambassador team has helped clients create special events designed for public outreach and/or media relations. We can help you organize an event from start to finish and help you build the recognition you need and deserve. Design Icon Event Honorees – Phillip Tracey, Ian Callum, and Thomas Heatherwick. BABC LA Christmas Event Speakers – Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, Malcolm McDowell, Nigel Barker.

Product Submission and Product Placement

We have the tools and resources to know what the publications are planning to write about and can pitch your product to the right channel at the right time. This increases the chance for your brand’s exposure in the media instead of fully relying on paid advertising. There’s no better way for your target market to see your product in their favorite show. Why not let us help you place your products in them? We have great relationships with movie and television productions that are constantly looking for the right products to use and yours could be one of them!